E Seymour

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - vehicle, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, land use - planning, technology - intelligent transport systems


Transportation planning, Technology transfer, Systems design, System design, State of New York, Southern California, RTI, Road transport informatics, Regional transportation, New York (State), New Jersey, Milwaukee (Wisconsin), IVHS, ITS (Intelligent transportation systems), Intrastate transportation, Intelligent vehicle highway systems, Intelligent transportation systems, Integrated systems, Integrated control systems, Houston (Texas), Gary (Indiana), Development, Connecticut, Chicago (Illinois), Case studies, ATT, Arizona, Advanced transport telematics


This article is the third and final installment in a series concerning the National Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture. The objective of the series is to convey key ITS Architecture facts and concepts to transportation practitioners who will be implementing and operating integrated ITS systems. This article highlights five architecture case studies that have been completed recently: the Arizona Rural Statewide ITS Architecture, Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee ITS Priority Corridor, Houston ITS Priority Corridor, New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Region, and Southern California ITS Priority Corridor. Two crosscutting studies are also examined. One highlights electronic credentialing, and the other summarizes key points in the five case studies. The article is organized into four primary topic sections: change initiatives, stakeholder teams, architecture approaches, and technology transfer. Each section summarizes the general topic as presented in the studies and then gives selected information taken from the case study documents relevant to the topic.