Railway operations in icing conditions: a review of issues and mitigation methods

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, planning - safety/accidents, infrastructure - rolling stock, literature review - literature review


Railway infrastructure, Icing, Ice mitigation, Snow, Railway operations


This article focuses on studying the current literature about railway operations in icing conditions, identifying icing effects on railway infrastructure, rolling stock, and operations, and summarizing the existing solutions for addressing these issues. Even though various studies have been conducted in the past on the impact of winter, climate change, and low temperatures on railway operations, not much work has been done on optimizing railway operations under icing conditions. This study demonstrates that further research is needed to better understand ice accretion and its effects on different parts of railways. It appears that railway infrastructure faces serious problems during icing conditions, and additional research in this field is required to precisely identify the problems and suggest solutions. Therefore, it is important to enhance the knowledge in this area and suitable optimal and cost-effective ice mitigation methods to minimize icing effects on railway operations and safety.


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