Advanced rail transportation infrastructure as the basis of improved urban mobility: research into Sydney as a smart city

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Journal Article

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place - australasia, place - urban, mode - rail, infrastructure, policy - sustainable, policy - environment, technology - intelligent transport systems


Smart transport, smart cities, grade of automation 4 (GoA4), Sydney smart transportation infrastructure


This research evaluates the advanced rail transportation infrastructure as the foundation of sustainable urban mobility. Sydney's rail transportation was evaluated as a smart city. To undertake this evaluation, twelve of Sydney’s inner municipalities were selected within Sydney's urban area – a 35 km radial distance from the CBD. To further examine Sydney's rail transportation evaluation, CITYKeys, being the smart city framework, was utilised. CITYKeys was carefully evaluated and two of its domains, transportation indicators and improved urban mobility & public transport were thus adopted. This research has two key findings. Firstly, Sydney, as a possible smart city, possesses three primary smart transport procedures: Green practice, Transformation and Model Integration. Subsequently, Sydney's new advanced rail transportation infrastructure aligns with CITYKeys public transport indicators. Secondly, Sydney Metro not only provided a significant technological advantage for the city's suburbs but also enhanced its urban mobility. This study contributes to the field of sustainable urban mobility by advocating the alignment between advanced and innovative rail transportation infrastructure and smart cities. Such findings will support transportation scholars in acquiring a better understanding of the need for advanced rail transportation infrastructure for smart cities.


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