Perception of commuter rail transit riders/users of train services on the Accra-Nsawam Corridor

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Journal Article

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place - africa, place - urban, mode - rail, ridership - commuting, ridership - perceptions, planning - surveys, technology - ticketing systems


Ghana, Commuter rail transit, Urban transportation, Corridor, Train services


Commuter trains are a popular mode of transportation among low-income earners in Ghana. However, due to the economic turmoil of the 1970s, the government struggled to invest in and manage this travel option effectively. With the increasing trend towards mass commuter services worldwide, this study aimed to examine how commuters perceive the quality of railway services in Ghana, using the Accra-Nsawam corridor as a case study. The study involved an on-board survey of 430 passengers using questionnaires. The results showed that factors such as speed, punctuality, safety, comfort, and improved customer care were significant predictors of commuters’ preference for commuter services. However, variables such as advanced technology and ticketing systems were found to be less important. The study recommends expanding rail services to other parts of the country while simultaneously improving technology.


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