Francis CHEUNG

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Journal Article

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planning - integration, land use - planning, ridership - old people, policy - disability, policy - sustainable, place - low density, mode - mass transit


Wheelchairs, Transit services, Transit, Sustainable development, Sustainability, Suburbs, Strategies, Strategic planning, Senior citizens, Public transit, Priorities, Physically handicapped persons, People with disabilities, Older people, Old people, Objectives, Mobility, Mass transit, Local transit, Integration, Integrated systems, Integrated control systems, Handicapped persons, Goals, Funding, Financing, Express service, Elderly persons, Dordrecht (Netherlands), Disabled persons, Commuter service, Central city service, Aged


In the Netherlands, public transport planning plays an important role in strategic planning. The Dutch government is pursuing policy changes to ensure sustainable development. The objectives are to raise transit's share in the modal split and to improve operators' financial performance. Dordrecht Municipal Authority has taken an integrated approach to public transport planning to complement its urban development strategy. In June 1997 the three-bus system was introduced with the objectives to stimulate ridership and increase revenue: the express bus provides direct, speedy connections with high frequency to serve commuter journeys; the city bus uses liquefied petroleum gas vehicles with 3- to 10-min headways to connect the historical city center with the Central Station; and the service bus improves the connectivity of neighborhoods and enhances accessibility between the suburbs and the city center. The service net is also designed to serve the mobility needs of elderly and handicapped passengers in wheelchairs. The integrated network aims to provide quality service to meet passenger requirements. To finance the new system, an extra fare zone was introduced in January 1998. A research program in three phases has been implemented to monitor and evaluate the effects.