Dynamics of transport and social exclusion: Effects of expensive driver's license

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Journal Article

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policy - social exclusion


Social exclusion, Resource allocation, Norway, Households, Economic analysis, Driving licences, Driver licenses, Decision making


This study explores the interface between the theme of "transport-related social exclusion" and resource allocation in a household. The study posits the "license to drive" as a skill which affects the family as a whole. The consequences of expensive driver's license (DL) within the domain of family structure, gender and its implications for the non-western immigrants in Norway are discussed. Further we analyse how decision-making within a family and the tenets of social exclusion are therefore affected both by the availability of public transport and price of procuring a driving license in the Norwegian context. Through assessing the linkages between expensive driver's license and its substitution elasticity by public transport, we arrive at a surprising possibility that for high values on both factors, an additional increase to the substitution elasticity (improved public transport) may lead to further social exclusion for certain groups through a denied access to driver's license.


Transport Policy Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0967070X