Investigating links between transport disadvantage, social exclusion and well-being in Melbourne--Preliminary results

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Journal Article

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land use - impacts, ridership - disadvantage, ridership - behaviour, policy - social exclusion, economics - benefits, mode - mass transit


Well-being, Transportation disadvantaged persons, Transit, Social impacts, Social exclusion, Social benefits, Public transit, Melbourne (Australia), Mass transit, Local transit, Human behavior, Behaviour, Behavior, Automobile ownership, Accessibility


This paper summarizes preliminary results of a study to extend knowledge associated with social exclusion and transport by quantifying social and behavioral implications of lack of public transport and the nature of the social well-being benefits associated with improving services. Metropolitan results are outlined including methodologies exploring the distribution of transport disadvantage in Melbourne, Australia and how this relates to public transport services. An exploration of high car ownership for groups on low income is also presented. Gaps in coverage of public transport are identified and future research outlined.


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