Vancouver's Transportation Innovations


Gary Vlieg

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

operations - traffic, land use - planning, place - airport, mode - rail


Vancouver (Canada), Transportation corridors, Traffic corridors, Rapid transit, Procurement, Planning and design, Open space corridors, Multimodal transportation, Multimodal systems, Innovation, Heavy rail transit, Greenways, Greenbelts, Funding, Financing, Corridors (Transportation), Case studies, Airport access, Access to airports


Vancouver, British Columbia, is the location of several innovative transportation projects. This article highlights several of these projects that reflect innovation in planning, design, procurement and funding. The projects include: a multiuse greenway that offers off-street paved and gravel paths, shared local street paths, and on-street bike lanes; improvement of a corridor that connects the city of Vancouver to Olympic venues in the resort municipality of Whistler; a rail rapid transit line to connect the cities of Richmond and Vancouver with the airport; and a series of three multimodal projects designed to improve the flow of traffic and access to and from Canada's Pacific Gateway.