Developing land use and transport PSS: Meaningful information through a dialogue between modelers and planners

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

planning - methods, planning - signage/information, land use - planning, organisation - management


Transportation planning, Systems design, System design, Software, Planning process, Planning methods, Land use planning, Knowledge management, Decision support systems, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


One of the key barriers to integration of land use and transport planning is the lack of a "common language" (i.e. tools, instruments, indicators) that can support planners from both domains in developing shared visions and integrated strategies. Many of such tools and indicators have been developed in recent years, but not so many are implemented in practice. In this paper a new, participatory development approach for planning support systems (PSS) is proposed, termed "mediated planning support" (MPS) that addresses bottlenecks blocking this implementation. It is founded on insights from knowledge management, system dynamics and software innovation and is applied in the Greater Region of Amsterdam. This paper discusses the evolution of the PSS, highlighting the most useful elements which can be applied in other land use and transport planning projects. It offers insights for practitioners and researchers interested in land use and transport planning integration and for professionals that are dealing with supporting planning with information and technologies.


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