Perspectives for a future high-speed train in the Swedish domestic travel market


Oskar Froidh

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

ridership - mode choice, policy - fares, economics - operating costs, organisation - competition, mode - rail


Travel time, Tilting trains, Sweden, Railroad travel, Operating costs, Mode choice, Modal choice, Journey time, High speed trains, High speed rail, Fares, Domestic transportation, Cost of operation, Competition, Choice of transportation, Air travel


Gröna tåget (the Green Train) is a research and development project with the aim to develop a high-speed tilting train concept for the Swedish and Nordic markets. Competition with other modes needs to be evaluated, especially as regards travelling times and fares, with special attention paid to domestic airlines. For new trains, gains in travelling times and lower operational costs can be expected. Model calculations of operational costs for domestic air stages and high-speed trains, respectively, show that high-speed trains have lower costs per available seat kilometer. Train operators can meet competition with fares from coaches and air carriers provided they introduce yield management. The primary competition is about travelling times. Gröna tåget would increase the train's attractiveness and win over some travel from airlines.


Journal of Transport Geography home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09666923