The access journey to the railway station and its role in passengers' satisfaction with rail travel

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, ridership - mode choice, technology - intelligent transport systems, mode - rail


Railroad travel, Railroad stations, Passengers, Netherlands, Mode choice, Modal choice, Customer satisfaction, Choice of transportation, Access


This paper focuses on two lines of investigation with regard to access to railway stations in the Netherlands. Firstly, the profile of the access and egress modes on journeys to and from railway stations is analyzed. We also examine how the availability of car affects the mode choice on journeys to the station. Secondly, the effect of passengers' perception of the station and of the journey to the station on the overall perception of traveling by rail is estimated. The results show that most of the passengers choose walking, bicycle and public transport to get to or from the railway station and that the availability of a car does not have a strong effect on the choice of access mode to the station. The quality of the station and the access/egress facilities was found to have an important effect on the general perception of traveling by rail.


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