An Investigation of the Relationship between Public Transport Performance and Destination Satisfaction

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Journal Article

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operations - performance, planning - service quality, organisation - performance, place - urban, mode - mass transit


Urban transit, Transit, Tourists, Tourist trade, Tourism, Service quality, Quality of service, Public transit, Performance measurement, Passenger service quality, Origin and destination, O&D, Mass transit, Manchester (England), Local transit, International travel, Customer satisfaction


The availability and perceived quality of local transport at tourist destinations has latterly been established as exercising an influence on visitor experience, overall satisfaction and repeat visitation. The dimensions of urban public transport performance used by overseas visitors to evaluate quality and their relative contribution to overall destination satisfaction are investigated by this paper for the case of Greater Manchester. It is concluded that the influence of public transport's ease of use on destination satisfaction is greater than the influence of efficiency and safety. Overall, however, perceived performance of the public transport system has only a minor influence on destination satisfaction.


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