Bus Transit Accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility: The Case of Oviedo, Spain

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Journal Article

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planning - route design, planning - signage/information, land use - planning, policy - disability, technology - geographic information systems, mode - bus


Transportation planning, Software, Physically handicapped persons, People with disabilities, Oviedo (Spain), Mobility, Intracity bus transportation, Handicapped persons, GIS, Geographic information systems, Geocoding, Disabled persons, Case studies, Bus transit, Bus routes, Barrier-free design, Barrier free design, Architecture and the physically handicapped, Accessibility, Access for the physically handicapped


This study examines the problem of accessibility to the bus transit system by people with reduced mobility and proposes a potential solution. A geographic information system and user-friendly software was produced to display a chosen route and any problems that may be encountered during the journey. This tool allows city planners to target specific points where barriers need to be removed and to plan the investment and changes needed to achieve universal accessibility. The successful application of this methodology to the bus transit system of Oviedo, Spain, is highlighted.