Transport Infrastructure in the Baltic States Post-EU Succession

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Journal Article

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operations - traffic


Regulatory reform, Regional development, Market development, Market assessment, Goods movement, Freight transportation, Freight traffic, Freight handling, Economic development, Baltic States, Baltic Countries


Developments in freight transport and transport infrastructure have a strong influence on economic growth. The Baltic States have recently undergone a transformation from planned economies to market orientation. The interest in the Baltic States originates from their importance as new markets within the European Union, and their transit function for trade with Russia. Rising trade volumes and increasing freight transport are forecast in the near term for the region. This study aims to develop an understanding of the regulatory, structural, and developmental conditions and trends affecting the transport infrastructure in a region in economic transition, namely the Baltic States, in light of its current economic development. Comparisons are made with Buchhofer’s (1995) assessment of transport infrastructure in the Baltic States early in its transformation to market economies.


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