Freeway Access to Public Transport: A Hierarchical Multimodal Choice Model

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Journal Article

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ridership - mode choice, policy - parking, organisation - management, mode - mass transit, mode - park and ride


Travel time, Transit, Public transit, Park and ride, Multimodal transportation, Multimodal systems, Mode choice, Modal choice, Mass transit, Local transit, Journey time, Hierarchical models, Fringe parking, Choice of transportation, Choice models, Access management (highways), Access control (Transportation)


This paper presents a hierarchical choice model of travelers’ choices for a multimodal transport system with highway access, which may be regarded as an origin-based park-and-ride system. The model is based on hierarchical information integration experiments, which involves devising three rating-based experiments to evaluate different aspects of the multimodal transport systems. In addition, an integrating choice experiment is devised, in which respondents choose between a door-to-door car alternative, a multimodal alternative, and the current public transport alternative, which varied in terms of construct evaluations and time and cost attributes. One of the main results is that time-related attributes affect multimodal transport choice more than comfort-related attributes do. Furthermore, the results indicate that only a few utility differences exist among the categories of background variables.