Determinants of the Effectiveness of Travel Feedback Programs--a Review of Communicative Mobility Management Measures for Changing Travel Behaviour in Japan

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Journal Article

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ridership - behaviour, organisation - management, mode - mass transit


Use, Travel behavior, Transit, Public transit, Mobility, Mass transit, Local transit, Japan, Efficiency, Automobiles


This paper reviews the literature on travel feedback programs (TFPs). These constitute soft measures designed to change travel behaviour, mainly from automobile to non-automobile travel, in mobility management. We classified TFPs according to place, technique, procedure, and communication media, and reviewed the effectiveness of 10 TFPs in Japan. We found that TFPs in Japan reduced CO2 emissions by about 19% and car use by about 18%, while increasing the use of public transport by about 50%. In addition, we found that TFP effectiveness increased when participants were asked to make behavioural plans to change their travel behaviour . (A) "Reprinted with permission from Elsevier".


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