Policy Insights from the Urban Road Pricing Case Studies

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Journal Article

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ridership - commuting, economics - pricing, place - urban, mode - mass transit


Value pricing (Road pricing), Urban transportation policy, Urban highways, Travel behavior, Transit, Road pricing, Public transit, Policy analysis, Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Networks, Mathematical models, Mass transit, Local transit, Helsinki (Finland), Case studies, Bruxelles (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium)


This article reviews and compares the results of four modelling case studies of urban road pricing implementation that were carried out for the MC-ICAM project. The studies all concern large cities in Western Europe (Paris, Brussels, Oslo and Helsinki) and they all examine phased implementation paths in which constraints on the set of policy instruments are progressively relaxed. However, the studies used different models that vary with respect to the endogenous dimensions of traveller behaviour, the level of detail in which road and public transit networks are represented, and assumptions about what policy instruments are available and what constraints apply.


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