Optimisation Models for the Urban Parking Pricing Problem

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Journal Article

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ridership - demand, policy - parking, economics - pricing, place - urban


Urban transit, Urban areas, Pricing, Parking payment systems, Parking fees, Parking demand, Optimization, Optimisation, Mode share, Modal split, Mathematical models, Automobile use, Automobile usage, Automobile travel


Parking pricing strategies are important tools for rebalancing the modal split between private car and transit systems in urban areas. Indeed, high congestion levels are mainly due to users' preference for the private car system. In order to obtain a more balanced modal split it is possible, together with an improvement in transit system quality, to set fees on the use of private cars through road pricing and/or parking pricing strategies. Parking pricing strategies are simpler, since they can be managed without adopting advanced technologies. In this paper some parking pricing strategies are proposed and some optimisation models are formalised.


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