MAX - The New Trend in Rubber-Tire Rapid Transit

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Journal Article

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operations - capacity, operations - traffic, planning - service quality, policy - congestion, mode - bus, mode - rail, mode - subway/metro, mode - bus rapid transit


U.S. Federal Transit Administration, Traffic congestion, Service quality, Rapid transit, Quality of service, Public opinion, Passenger service quality, Passenger comfort, Metropolitan areas, Las Vegas (Nevada), Heavy rail transit, Gridlock (Traffic), Conurbations, Capacity, Bus rapid transit, Air pollution, Air pollutants


As traffic congestion and air pollution continue to increase in the U.S. metropolitan areas, so does the demand for effective transportation solutions. Public's perception towards public transit as an alternative has historically been mixed at best. This article describes the new rapid transit system deployed by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area. Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) is creating a fresh image for public transit while enhancing service to its customers. MAX is a national demonstration project sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration's Bus Rapid Transit program. The goal of the project is to use an innovative system approach to increase capacity, improve passenger comfort and convenience, reduce dwell times and raise awareness in the community about the benefits of public transit.