Bus Rapid Transit in Downtown Orlando, FL, USA


Jim Kimbler

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - bus/tram lane, policy - parking, place - urban, place - cbd, mode - bus, mode - mass transit, mode - bus rapid transit, mode - pedestrian, mode - car


Urban renewal, U.S. Federal Transit Administration, Transit, Public transit, Pedestrian flow, Parking places, Parking facilities, Parking areas, Orlando (Florida), Mobility, Mass transit, Local transit, Lane control, Car parks, Bus rapid transit


In 1997, the Orlando, FL, Downtown Development Board partnered with the City of Orlando parking system to establish a free, exclusive-lane bus service known as LYMMO. This article describes the LYMMO bus rapid transit service that addresses several public purposes, including downtown revitalization, enhanced mobility, parking mitigation and a pleasing pedestrian/transit environment. Since the implementation of the LYMMO project in 1997, monthly ridership on the system has grown from 61,150 in August 1997 to 88,774 in October 2004. LYMMO has substantially improved downtown mobility and accessibility to major downtown destinations. By becoming the horizontal elevator to all major downtown destinations, LYMMO links parking facilities to major downtown employment centers, government agencies, and entertainment areas, decreasing the use and need for private vehicles in the downtown core.