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operations - capacity, planning - surveys, land use - planning, policy - parking, place - airport, mode - mass transit, mode - car


Transportation engineering, Transit, Surveys, Streets, Strategies, Strategic planning, Recommendations, Public transit, Priorities, Parking places, Parking facilities, Parking capacity, Parking areas, Parking, Objectives, Mass transit, Local transit, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Highways, Goals, City streets, Car parks, Airport parking


The major emphasis of the membership of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) has been placed on the safe and efficient movement of persons via the private-vehicle mode. On a daily basis, vehicles remain stationary the majority of the time, at the origin or destination of each person's trip. Parking is an important land use that complements airports, streets and highways, and public-transportation facilities. In January 1999, ITE's International Board of Direction approved the formation of a Parking Task Force to evaluate the level of attention that has been given to parking by ITE over the years and to make recommendations on what the appropriate level should be in the future. The responsibilities of the task force include identifying parking-related issues not being currently or consistently addressed by existing ITE councils, determining a draft mission statement and a series of goals for the task force, determining the level of interest and the added value of products and services to the ITE membership, and preparing recommendations to the ITE Coordinating Council.