Herbert S. Levinson
P J. Menaker


The findings are summarized of the 42nd Street Transitway Study initiated in 1983 to address the concerns of New York City officials in their efforts to improve public transportation services along the street by better segregation of transit vehicles from other traffic. The objectives of the study are stated. It was found that it would be necessary to widen the roadway to 61-63 feet to provide a viable transitway option. It would require midblock passenger loading and prohibition of left turns in both directions. A 21- to 23-foot transitway alignment along the south curb was recommended in conjunction with a one-way, 3-lane, westbound road for deliveries and taxis, and 12- to 13-foot passenger islands at intersections. The central island would be fenced to preclude midblock pedestrian crossings. The costs to build and operate the transitway are discussed. An early action plan for improved transit service within the existing curb lines is also described.