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operations - traffic, infrastructure - traffic signals, ridership - drivers, ridership - commuting, policy - disability, mode - mass transit


Workshops, Transit, Traffic signs, signals and markings, Traffic signs and signals, Traffic signals, Traffic lights, Traffic control signals, Traffic control devices, Seminars, Road design, Public transit, Problem solving, Mass transit, Local transit, Highway traffic signals, Highway signs, signals and markings, Highway design, DWI, DUI, Drunk driving, Drunk drivers, Driving while intoxicated, Driving under the influence, Drinking drivers, Countermeasures, Awareness


The North Carolina Division of the Southern Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) developed and presented a two-day workshop in May 1983 entitled "Transportation Issues in the Drunk Driver Problem." The workshop was cosponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Governor's Highway Safety Program. The objective was to increase ITE members' awareness of the DWI problems and efforts to solve it. After listening to the various issues involved in the drunk driving problem as presented by a distinguished group of speakers, the workshop participants met in small groups to identify approaches in highway design, public transit, signalization, and other innovative actions that can help mitigate the drunk driving problem. The results of this successful workshop are presented in this article with the author's belief that they will prove valuable to ITE.