Diesel-engined vehicle nitric oxide and soot emissions during the European light-duty driving cycle using a transient mapping approach

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - vehicle, place - europe, mode - bike


Soot, Pollutants, Nitrogen oxides, Fuel consumption, Europe, Emissions, Driving cycle, Diesel motor exhaust gas, Diesel exhaust emissions, Diesel engines, Diesel engine exhaust gases


An engine mapping-based methodology is developed to gain a first approximation of a vehicle's performance and emissions during a light-duty cycle. The procedure is based on a steady-state experimental investigation of the engine with an appropriate vehicle drive train model applied so that the cycle vehicle speed data can be transformed into engine speed and torque. Correction analysis is then applied based on transient experimentation to account for the transient discrepancies during real driving. The developed algorithm is applied for the case of a diesel-engined vehicle running on the European light-duty cycle. A comparative analysis is performed for each section of the cycle revealing its individual transient characteristics.


Transportation Research Part D Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13619209