Exact and heuristic methods for public transit circulator design

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Journal Article

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planning - methods, planning - network design, ridership - commuting, mode - rail, mode - mass transit


Transit network design, Transit, Railroad commuter service, Public transit, Networks, Mixed integer programming, Mathematical models, Mass transit, Local transit, Commuter rail, Circulator system, Austin (Texas)


This work presents a new mixed integer model for a single-route circulator design problem. An exact method that performs well in practice on medium-sized networks is presented that utilizes 1-trees as lower bounds and a stopping criterion relevant in non-Steiner networks. Proof of the correctness of this stopping criterion is provided. A heuristic method is presented for large networks. Both methods are tested on sample networks along a commuter rail line in Austin, TX in several problem variations and results of these tests presented. The practical and theoretical implications of this work are outlined.


Transportation Research Part B Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/01912615