On-road emissions from urban buses with SCR + Urea and EGR + DPF systems using diesel and biodiesel

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - vehicle, place - urban, mode - bus


Vehicle exhaust, Urea, Urban areas, Selective catalytic reduction, Particulate filtering, Motor coaches, Madrid (Spain), Exhaust gases, Exhaust gas recirculation, Exhaust emissions, Emission control systems, Diesel fuels, Carbamide, Buses, Biodiesel fuels, Automobile exhaust


Due to growing concerns about nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions from diesel engines, stricter regulations are being introduced requiring advanced emission control technology. In response the diesel industry has begun testing various emission control technologies and applying them. To assess vehicle renewal policies of bus companies, two exhaust after-treatment technologies are compared: the combination of a diesel particulate filter and an exhaust gas re-circulation system and the combination of a selective catalytic reduction and urea. On-board emission measurements were conducted under real-world driving conditions on a specific bus route in the city of Madrid.


Transportation Research Part D Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13619209