Stated reasons for reducing work-commute by car

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Journal Article

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planning - surveys, ridership - commuting, ridership - commuting, mode - mass transit


Work trips, Transit, Sweden, Surveys, Public transit, Modal shift, Mass transit, Local transit, Journey to work, Commuting, Commuters, Behavior modification, Automobile use, Automobile usage, Automobile travel


A survey is reported that requested work-commuters by car to state reasons that would make them reduce car use for the work commute. All participants (n = 1218) were employed by companies located in the center of a medium-size Swedish city (pop. 82,000). Among 76% of the car users (n = 602) who stated any reasons, the most frequent were improved public transport and work from home some days. Shorter travel times, an increased frequency of service and lower fares were the most frequent reasons for increasing public transport use.


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