Tactical Locomotive Fleet Sizing for Freight Train Operations

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - vehicle, infrastructure - fleet management, organisation - management, mode - rail


Vehicle fleets, Simulation, Railroad transportation, Rail transportation, Motor vehicle fleets, Locomotive operations, Freight trains, Fleets (Vehicles), Fleet management, Computer simulation


Determination of fleet size of locomotives and of a policy to deadhead them are tactical issues that influence the level of customer service in a rail network. This paper considers a railroad system in which a priori freight train schedule does not exist. A simulation-based approach is proposed for tactical locomotive fleet sizing. The study shows that the throughput increases with the number of locomotives up to a certain level; after that the congestion caused by the movements of large number of locomotives in the capacity-constrained rail network offsets the potential benefit of a large fleet.


Transportation Research Part E Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13665545