Estimation on stated-preference experiments constructed from revealed-preference choices

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

planning - route design


Transportation modes, Stated preferences, Specifications, Routes, Revealed preferences, Modes, Estimation theory, Dependence, Columbia-Snake River Waterway, Choices


Constructing stated-preference (SP) experiments from a choice that the respondent made in a revealed-preference setting can enhance the realism of the SP task and the efficacy of preference revelation. However, the practice creates dependence between the SP attributes and unobserved factors, contrary to the independence assumption that is maintained for standard estimation procedures. The authors describe a general estimation method that accounts for this non-independence and give specific examples based on standard and mixed logit specifications of utility. The authors show conditions under which standard estimation methods are consistent despite the non-independence. The authors illustrate the general methodology through an application to shippers' choice of route and mode along the Columbia/Snake River system.


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