The use of stated preference techniques to model modal choices on interurban trips in Ireland

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Journal Article

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ridership - mode choice, place - urban, mode - bus, mode - rail, mode - mass transit


Urban transportation, Transit, Stated preferences, Revealed preferences, Railroad transportation, Rail transportation, Public transit, Perception, Passengers, Motor bus transportation, Mode choice, Modal choice, Mathematical models, Mass transit, Local transit, Ireland, Intracity transportation, Intercity bus transportation, Consumers' preferences, Consumer preferences, Choice of transportation, Bus transportation


The study examines the perceptions and preferences of passengers on interurban rail and bus and compares the preferences of passengers on both these modes. This is carried out to identify where passengers feel changes are needed to both modes to improve services, and to contrast the services offered by bus and train in Ireland. The preferences and perceptions of passengers are collected using both stated preference and revealed preference techniques. The impacts that different types of stated preference questionnaire have on the responses of individuals can, therefore, be examined. The study also compares stated preference models with revealed preference models and looks at if these can be pooled to take advantage of the benefits offered by both stated preference and revealed preference models.


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