Urban transportation and equity: A case study of Beijing and Karachi

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - vehicle, land use - planning, ridership - demand, policy - equity, policy - sustainable, place - urban


Vehicle navigation, Vehicle handling, Urbanization, Urban transportation, Sustainable transportation, Supply and demand, Socioeconomic factors, Socioeconomic aspects, Social justice, Social equity, Planning, Peking (China), Motor vehicle handling, Karachi (Pakistan), Investments, Investment requirements, Intracity transportation, Infrastructure, Fairness (Social equity), Equity (Justice), Driving, Case studies, Beijing (China), Affordability, Accessibility


Development of mega cities in Pakistan and China has greatly been affected by the growth in urbanization and motorization. The uncontrolled rise in urbanization, motorization, exclusionary planning and disproportionate investment in transportation infrastructure has created a socio-economic imbalance, thereby challenging the issue of equity. This paper focuses on a comparative social equity assessment of urban development, characteristics of supply and demand of transportation and infrastructure systems and the impact of existing strategies over equity in the development of urban and transportation system of Beijing and Karachi. The paper concludes by suggesting some strategies for the development of sustainable and equitable urban transportation systems.


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