Capturing Tour Mode and Activity Choice Interdependencies: A Co-Evolutionary Logit Modelling Approach

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Journal Article

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ridership - modelling, ridership - commuting, mode - mass transit


Trip chaining, Transit, Tour-based models, Public transit, Netherlands, Methodology, Methodologies, Mass transit, Local transit, Interdependencies, Commuting, Commuters, Coevolutionary model, Causal relationships, Automobile use, Automobile usage, Automobile travel, Activity choices


It is generally assumed that the choice of transport mode and the choice of including intermediate activities on a work tour are interrelated, but little is known about the nature of the causal relationship. To shed light on this, this paper addresses the question of whether transport mode choice is dependent on the activity choice or vice-versa. A new methodology, referred to as the co-evolutionary approach, is combined with a set of MNL models, one for each choice facet involved, to derive an indication of the order of decisions on an individual level. The models are estimated based on the work tours of a large sample of individuals in the Netherlands. The results suggest that there is substantial variation in the order of the transport mode and activity decisions. However, in the majority of cases the activity decision is made before the mode decision, suggesting that the transport mode and, in particular, the choice between car and public transport is most often ‘adjusted’ to the choice of trip chaining rather than the other way round.


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