Training urban bus drivers to promote smart driving: A note on a Greek eco-driving pilot program

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Journal Article

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ridership - drivers, place - urban, mode - bus


Urban transit, Pilot studies, Greece, Fuel consumption, Ecodriving, Driver training, Bus operators, Bus driving, Bus drivers, Behind the wheel instruction


Economical, ecological and safe driving (eco-driving) is aimed at reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accidents. Eco-driving is concerned about driving in a way compatible with modern engine technology: smart, smooth and safe techniques that lead to potential fuel savings of 10-15%. The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources of Greece conducted an eco-driving pilot study in collaboration with the Organization of Urban Transportation of Athens, and the Thermo-Bus Company to assess the effects of changing urban bus drivers' driving style. Results showed an overall 4.35% reduction in fuel consumption per km as a result of the training.


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