The Scheduled Waiting Time on Railway Lines


E Wendler

Document Type

Journal Article

Publication Date


Subject Area

ridership - forecasting, ridership - forecasting, mode - rail


Waiting time, Trains, Timetables, Time, Scenarios, Railroad transportation, Railroad trains, Rail transportation, Projections, Forecasting, Bottlenecks


The paper presents an approach predicting the scheduled waiting time by means of a semi-Markovian queueing model. For that, the process of timetable compilation in a railway network with open access is shortly explained and described by means of queueing theory. The arrival process is determined by the requested train-paths. The description of the service process is based on an application of the theory of blocking times and minimum headway times. The approach is useful for predicting a quality measure for bottlenecks with mainly non-cyclic timetable structures (A) "Reprinted with permission from Elsevier".


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