Simultaneous Optimization of Transit Line Configuration and Passenger Line Assignment

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Journal Article

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ridership - commuting, economics - operating costs, mode - mass transit


Transportation networks, Transit line configuration, Transit, Public transit, Passenger transportation, Passenger line assignment, Optimization, Optimisation, Operating costs, Mass transit, Local transit, Large cities, Integer programming, Hong Kong (China), Cost of operation


Passenger transportation in most large cities relies on an efficient mass transit system, whose line configuration has direct impacts on the system operating cost, passenger travel time and line transfers. Unfortunately, the interplay between transit line configuration and passenger line assignment has been largely ignored in the literature. This paper presents a model for simultaneous optimization of transit line configuration and passenger line assignment in a general network. The model is formulated as a linear binary integer program and can be solved by the standard branch and bound method. The model is illustrated with a couple of minimum spanning tree networks and a simplified version of the general Hong Kong mass transit railway network.


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