Optimal Land Use and Transport Planning for the Greater Oslo Area


Arild Vold

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

land use - planning, mode - mass transit


Travel behavior, Transportation planning, Transit, Tolls, Strategies, Strategic planning, Public transit, Priorities, Oslo (Norway), Optimization, Optimisation, Objectives, Mass transit, Local transit, Land use planning, Goals, Fuel taxes, Cost benefit analysis, Benefit cost analysis, Algorithms


This paper describes and applies a comprehensive framework to determine optimal and acceptable strategies for land use and transportation. The framework includes: a land use and transport integration model; a cost benefit evaluation framework; and an objective function based on the evaluation framework and a constrained optimization algorithm that approximates and maximizes the objective function with respect to available land use and transport instruments and constraints. The framework is applied to Greater Oslo, Norway, based on output from a land use and transport model for this area. Available instruments are toll ring charges, public transport frequency and a discrete land use instrument. Constraints represent acceptable levels on the available instruments, and acceptable levels on equity between geographical zones, accident cost reductions and the financial balance of the actual strategy. Strategies are found in situations with increased and reduced fuel taxes. The direct and indirect land use and transport effects of the optimal strategies also are assessed. Application of the framework envisages strategies with both direct and indirect effects on travel behavior.


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