A Hybrid Model Of Fuzzy And AHP For Handling Public Assessments On Transportation Projects


Turan Arslan

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

organisation - management, mode - bus


Trade off analysis, Public participation, Public involvement, Project management, Motor bus transportation, Local participation, Intercity bus transportation, Fuzzy logic, Decision support systems, Comparison studies, Citizen participation, Bus transportation, Analytical hierarchy process, Alternatives analysis


Since transportation planning involves public resources and values, public opinion should play a key role in forming transportation policy. This work presents a decision support model, with public involvement and public oversight, to help policy makers select appropriate transportation projects for implementation. Since focus groups will face multiple objectives and inexact information in the process, a hybrid model of fuzzy logic and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is proposed. A set of if-then rules based on Weber?s psycho-physical law of 1834 is presented to reason from fuzzy numbers to capture essential subjective preferences, pairwise, among the alternatives. The AHP is then incorporated to estimate preference allotments among alternatives. The proposed method is applied to an example involving public approval of an public bus transportation system.