Utilization Patterns of Park and Ride Facilities among Kuala Lumpur Commuters

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Journal Article

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planning - surveys, ridership - demand, policy - parking, place - low density, mode - park and ride, mode - car


Weekdays, Utilization, Surveys, Suburbs, Parking places, Parking facilities, Parking duration, Parking demand, Parking areas, Park and ride, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Fringe parking, Commuters, Car parks


This paper reports on a study to analyze the daily workday utilization patterns and level of usage of two park and ride stations in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area. A parking utilization survey was undertaken that used a license plate survey methodology and continuous observation for an 18 hour period on a workday. The findings showed that the overall utilization pattern of the facilities was very high, with a utilization rate of between 80 and 95%. The stations, however, recorded a contrasting accumulation pattern. Most of the rail-based suburban park and ride users were long term parkers. The results of this study are comparable to results of similar studies in other cities throughout the world in terms of vehicle accumulation, parking duration and utilization pattern.