A Methodological Approach for Developing and Assessing Business Models for Flexible Transport Systems

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

land use - planning, ridership - demand, economics - appraisal/evaluation, mode - bus


Strategies, Strategic planning, Priorities, Objectives, Methodology, Methodologies, Helsinki (Finland), Goals, Evaluation and assessment, Demand responsive transportation, Case studies, Business models


This paper presents an integrated methodological framework for developing and assessing alternative business models for flexible transport services (FTS). FTS are demand-responsive transport systems that provide non-conventional passenger and freight transportation services. The proposed methodology consists of three phases: 1) the development phase, which provides a systematic approach for identifying business models that are compatible with local market and regulatory conditions; 2) the screening phase, in which these business models are further filtered in terms of compliance with a set of economic feasibility criteria; and 3) prioritization, which involves the comparative assessment and ranking of the FTS business models which have passed the screening process. The applicability of this framework is demonstrated by a case study regarding the prioritization of alternative FTS business models for the provision of flexible passenger transport services in Helsinki.