Travel Mode Choice: Affected by Objective or Subjective Determinants?

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Journal Article

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planning - surveys, ridership - mode choice, ridership - attitudes


Travel behavior, Theory, Theories, Theoretical analysis, Surveys, Subjective factors, Structural equation modeling, Residential location, Place of residence, Objective factors, Mode choice, Modal choice, Mental attitudes, Life styles, Koln (Germany), Decision making, Cologne (Germany), Choice of transportation, Attitudes


This study presents theoretical considerations and uses structural equation modeling to examine the interrelationships between life situation, lifestyle, choice of residential location and travel behavior. The analyses are based on survey data from seven study areas in the region of Cologne, Germany. The results indicate that lifestyles slightly influence mode choice. The influence of life situation on mode choice exceeds the influence of lifestyle. Lifestyle plays an important role by affecting location attitudes and location decisions that in turn influence travel mode. In this study, objective spatial conditions as well as subjective location attitudes both appear to be important. The limitations of this research and directions for further study are discussed.