Development and Deployment of Public Transport Policy and Planning in Taiwan

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Journal Article

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land use - planning, place - urban, mode - mass transit


Urban transportation, Transportation policy, Transit, Taiwan, Public transit, Policy making, Planning, Mass transit, Local transit, Intracity transportation, Formosa, China (Republic : 1949- )


In the past, Taiwan has consistently given priority to building highway infrastructure over the development of public transportation systems. However, escalating traffic congestion and environmental deterioration due to private vehicle use have provoked the Taiwan government to recognize the importance of public transportation. This paper highlights the planning philosophy and policy formulation of Taiwan’s public transportation development. Under the “carrot-and-stick” rationales, the government has formulated public transportation policies and exercised a series of related initiatives by providing sufficient and higher quality of public transportation services so as to attract more private vehicle users. The most important initiatives, including the five-year enhancement of mass transportation program and the public transportation upgrade schemes in the National Development Plan are examined. Based on previous experience, the authors point out the most challenging issues that the government will encounter and make suggestions for the future of public transport planning.