Delivering Value for Money to Government through Efficient and Effective Public Transit Service Continuity: Some Thoughts

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Journal Article

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planning - methods, organisation - competition, organisation - regulation, mode - mass transit


Transit operating agencies, Transit lines, Transit, Theory, Theories, Theoretical analysis, Tenders, Regulation, Public transit lines, Public transit, Public sector, Public private partnerships, Private sector, Private enterprise, Ownership, Mass transit lines, Mass transit, Local transit, Governments, Empirical methods, Contracting, Competition, Australia


This paper documents some thoughts on the reform agenda in public transit that is occurring throughout the world. The specific focus is on a growing commitment to competitive regulation through competitive tendering, and the efforts by a few governments (notably in Australia) to take control of the tangible assets used by private operators as a mechanism to exercise the opportunity, if so taken, to put services out to competitive tender. The paper reviews the theoretical arguments and empirical evidence on contracting regimes and asset ownership, and the role that government and the operator might play in a setting in which building trusting and collaborative partnerships has merit in delivering services that are in the main funded from the public purse.