Reducing Urban Transport Energy Dependence: A New Urban Development Framework and GIS-Based Tool

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Journal Article

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planning - signage/information, land use - planning, ridership - commuting, technology - geographic information systems, place - urban


Urban transportation, Urban development, Specifications, Simulation, Sao Carlos (Brazil), Planning, Intracity transportation, GIS, Geographic information systems, Geocoding, Energy utilization, Energy consumption, Computer simulation


High urban transport energy consumption is directly influenced by transport energy dependence. Dramatic reductions in urban transport energy dependence or consumption are not yet being widely observed despite the variety of urban planning tools currently available. A new urban development framework is presented to tackle this issue that makes use of a recently developed and successfully trialed GIS-based tool, the Transport Energy Specification (TES). The TES was simulated on a neighborhood in Sao Carlos, Brazil. In the simulation, energy dependence was reduced by a factor of 8 through activity location or infrastructure modifications to the built environment.