Grid-Connected Systems for Sustainable Transport in Developing Countries


Richard Gilbert

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

infrastructure - vehicle, policy - sustainable, mode - mass transit


Vehicles, Under developed countries, Transit, Third world, Sustainable transportation, Public transit, Mass transit, Local transit, Less developed countries, Grid connections, Energy, Developing countries, Costs


Developing countries need effective transport systems for economic and other development. Available systems have almost complete reliance on internal combustion engines fueled by petroleum products whose cost may soon rise dramatically. Grid-connected vehicles (GCVs) have low at-vehicle energy use and can depend on a wide range of renewable energy sources. They have familiar application in public transport vehicles (e.g., trolley buses). Adaptations could be used for freight transport. Deployment of GCV-based systems could provide developing countries with adequate, sustainable transport and enable these countries to leapfrog over developed countries' transport strategies.