TTSAT: A New Approach to Mapping Transit Accessibility

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Journal Article

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planning - route design


door-to-door travel times, Time-Based Transit Service Area Tool (TTSAT)


Transit agencies have never had an accurate indicator of the extent of their service area based on riders’ door-to-door travel time. This is an important gap in knowledge, because travel time is one of the most important factors determining whether or not people will use public transit. This paper presents a powerful new travel timebased method to visualize and analyze transit service coverage—a computer application called the Time-Based Transit Service Area Tool (TTSAT). Unlike other service area metrics, TTSAT incorporates total trip travel time into the transit service area maps it generates. To make these travel-time estimates realistic, TTSAT integrates all segments of a complete, door-to-door transit trip into the trip time calculations. TTSAT’s mapping and analysis capabilities offer numerous potential applications for planners, developers, and members of the public working to create transit-accessible communities.