Capacity constraints in delay management


Anita Schöbel

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

operations - capacity, organisation - management


We consider (small) disturbances of a railway system. In case of such delays, one has to decide if connecting trains should wait for delayed feeder trains or if they should depart on time, i.e. which connections should be maintained and which can be dropped. Finding such wait-depart decisions (minimizing e.g. the average delay of the passengers) is called the delay management problem. In the literature, the limited capacity of the tracks (meaning that no two trains can use the same piece of track at the same time) has so far been neglected in the delay management problem. In this paper we present models and first results integrating these important constraints. We develop algorithmic approaches that have been tested at a real-world example provided by Deutsche Bahn AG. This work was partially supported by the Klaproth-Stiftung and by the Future and Emerging Technologies Unit of EC (IST priority—6th FP), under contract no. FP6-021235-2 (project ARRIVAL).