Inventory and analysis of advance public transportation systems in Florida

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Advanced public transportation systems, Florida, Intelligent transportation systems, Inventory, Public transit, Systems analysis, Technology assessment


Through its National Center for Transit Research, and under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Center for Urban Transportation Research has conducted an inventory of current and planned Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) in Florida to help the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) develop baseline information on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) transit activities around the state. Although the primary task of this effort was to develop an inventory of current and planned Florida APTS projects based on the results of a survey of Florida transit properties, the project also included two supplementary tasks related to the implementation of APTS technologies. One of these tasks involved examining, through a literature review, 10 of the major issues that transit properties around the country have encountered during the development and/or deployment phases of the projects, and then analyzing the Florida properties' experiences with these issues based on the survey responses. The other. and final, task involved conducting an assessment of APTS benefits for a few selected transit agencies utilizing a benefits analysis spreadsheet tool and documenting the results of the assessments in order to provide an evaluation example for other agencies to follow as they continue to develop and deploy APTS technologies. It is anticipated that this research will help provide further guidance to Florida and other U.S. transit properties in the formative stages of APTS investigation.