Quantifying the business benefits of TDM

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planning - travel demand management, planning - travel demand management, ridership - demand, policy - parking, economics - benefits, organisation - management, mode - bus


Benefits, Businesses, Commuters, Parking demand, Travel demand management


The objective of this research was to assess research that has been conducted and current practices in quantifying the business benefits of public transportation and transportation demand management (TDM), and to review the various tools and procedures that have been used to measure business benefits. The transportation literature was largely void of rigorous studies that document the link between the TDM strategies and tangible business benefits such as reducing the need to build parking. The review of the efforts to quantify business benefits by employers and agencies points to several clear conclusions and recommendations: (1) increase public sector research and technical assistance efforts to evaluate employer TDM programs for the impacts on business, not only transportation and emission impacts; (2) expand the tracking of employer-provided commute benefits to include parking by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; and (3) integrate, update, and aggressively distribute the tools.