Synthesis of securement device options and strategies

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Journal Article

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planning - safety/accidents, mode - paratransit


Americans with Disabilities Act, Mobility, Paratransit services, Public transit, Safety, Training, Wheelchair lifts, Wheelchairs


This report outlines the scope and magnitude of the securement of issues facing transit agencies and paratransit providers in the United States by presenting the results of a securement device options and strategies survey that was distributed to transit and paratransit providers throughout Florida and the United States. The results of the survey provide insight into how transit and paratransit providers deal with securement issues and the strategies adopted to overcome challenges presented by the security and mobility aid devices on public transportation vehicles. In addition, an inventory of securement device equipment available in the United States is provided with detailed information about equipment specifications. costs, compatibility with mobility devices, and the types of training offered by securement device manufacturers and vendors. Recommendations are also offered to assist in the resolution of the existing disjuncture related to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) wheelchair securement requirements and difficulties encountered in the securement of common and non-common wheelchairs on public transportation vehicles, which include seeking FTA clarification of inconsistent securement definitions and policies and establishing mandatory standards for mobility devices that will be used as seats on moving public transportation vehicles.