Pedestrian mid-block crossing difficulty

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operations - traffic, planning - safety/accidents, land use - planning, mode - pedestrian, mode - pedestrian


Crosswalks, Florida, Level of service, Pedestrian safety, Pedestrian signs, Planning, Signals, Traffic control


This report documents a research project that developed a model of mid-block crossing difficulty as perceived by pedestrians. Four aspects of the research are reported: research design issues; selection of potential determinants; data collection; and statistical analysis. This model was done through a statistical calibration and validation process involving collecting actual site characteristics and stated levels of crossing difficulty by a sample of persons at a sample of sites from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties in Florida. For traffic operations applications, this model may be used as a screening tool to determine whether pedestrian mid-block crossing facilities, such as crosswalks or pedestrian signals, may be needed at particular locations. For planning purposes, this model has a number of applications.